American Top Team strength and conditioning coach Phil Daru recently formulated a lactic power workout specifically to train our body to accumulate lactic acid inside the muscles.

Lactic power is basically the ability to buffer lactic for a long time and the ability to reproduce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is our body’s natural energy source so that we can be efficient in our energy output for a long duration of a fight.

To put it in more simplistic terms; Phil’s lactic power workout will improve your ability to knock somebody out in the first round or the fifth; or submit someone in the first minute or the last seconds of a grappling match.

The workout consists of two exercises in a ballistic fashion or a fast motion explosive power and they are:

  1. 30 seconds of kettlebell swing.
  2. 30 seconds of medicine ball slam.

Do the set of exercises without rest in between and that is one round. After one round, do active recovery with shadow boxing. Repeat until 4 rounds are completed.

Phil suggests to do this workout two to three times per week again all the way up until about two weeks out from your scheduled fight or competition.

In the video below, I gave the workout a try using a 20-kg kettlebell and a 8-kg medicine ball. My body weight is at 54 kg:

For a complete strength and conditioning program for BJJ/grappling, you can check out Phil’s Ground Control Program here.

Warning: Consult with a doctor and a personal trainer if you are not sure about doing any physical exercise.

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