Hello there, my name is Hans David and welcome to my blog.

On a daily basis, I work as a journalist for The Jakarta Post. I am a deputy editor for its Features desk, which covers entertainment, life style and cultural stuffs.

I have been a journalist since 2008 and I have covered many different aspects ranging from urban life, politics, economy, corporate businesses to finally now, arts and entertainment.

In the last couple of years, I have been facing my own inner demons and lots of personal issues. The older you get, the more things that go through your head and sometimes you think you have enough.

I channel all my stress through brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ), something that I have always been interested to take part in but only found the time to actually jump in recently.

I have been training since March 2018 under Alliance black belt Deddy Wigraha at Arena MMA and now I am currently a one-stripe white belt.

BJJ has given me a new purpose and best of all, a new family. I will be writing a lot about BJJ in this blog but occasionally, I might write about other stuffs that might bug me or I find interesting to talk about.

Hope you enjoy this blog.