I just saw another stupid “self defense” video and it was on how to use a simple leg lock to avoid kidnapping. Check out the tweet below to see how stupid it is:

Anyone who train for at least one month know how fucked up that video is. From a technique stand point, what is being shown there is not even a fucking leg lock. It was a bullshit technique that exposes your back (which puts you in more danger) and ironically, makes you more vulnerable to leg locks.

In addition, unless you are a world class leg locker like Craig Jones, nobody who trains is stupid enough to attempt a leg lock in a street altercations where strikes and kicks are involved especially against a standing opponent.

Despite of not being efficient in street fights, leg locks can be very devastating and dangerous in the context of sports grappling combat. A fully executed leg lock can really fuck up your legs starting from the ankles to the shin, to the knee ligaments and even all the way up to your groin. Some BJJ schools even do not teach leg locks to white belts considering how dangerous it can be.

My black belt professor, fortunately, has no problem teaching leg locks to white belts. As long as you practice leg locks safely and controlled, no one will get injured.

I personally have been practicing and drilling leg locks in the last couple of months because they can really change your approach to the BJJ game because the legs are 50 percent of the human body. This means that you have more attack options rather than just going for chokes or arm locks. With leg locks, you can go for the heels, ankles, knees and the groin stretch. Inside each of them are tiny bones and ligaments that are very vulnerable and painful when they are being attacked and pressured.

Good leg lock entries and set ups can also be very useful when you are just too tired or having trouble to pass your opponent’s guard. Bernardo Faria’s Youtube channel recently featured a leg lock specialist, Warren Brooks, to show some basic leg lock entries and attacks. If you want to see real leg locks, this is the video to watch:

If you are interested in practicing leg locks, join a proper BJJ/MMA gym not watch some random “self defense” videos made by incompetent experts. Here, I write how to find one in your area.

Or, if you happen to live in Jakarta, come have a free trial at Arena MMA, the gym I practice in. Arena MMA is located inside the Fit by Beat Gym at the Setiabudi One building in Rasuna Said, Kuningan in central Jakarta. BJJ classes are on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday night.

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