Joe Rogan once said during one of his podcasts that he found it unbelievable how people, who do not know how to fight, are the most confident when it comes to fighting.

We have seen or maybe known these kind of people. In bars, we, as adults, must have witnessed at least once of a drunk guy who got so easily triggered and challenged anyone into a fist fight while having trouble to keep a decent balance.

On the internet, tough guys/girls with over-inflated ego are even more common. On the internet, you can be as tough as you can possibly imagine. You are separated by a computer screen and thousands of miles of mobile data connections that you do not need to face direct consequences of any fight challenge coming out of your online tantrums.

Here is the reality; fighting is fucking scary.

In a real fight, unsanctioned and in an uncontrolled environment, things can go batshit crazy; someone’s might get knocked out, bones might be broken, tendons torn and even fucking death on the spot.

Additionally, there are legal consequences if you are fighting an unsanctioned fight. If you kill someone during a fight, even for self defense, you will need to answer to the law and proof that you have no other choice. Most lethal street fights end up with one of the perpetrators end up in jail for manslaughter. Some wasted fucking years indeed.

A few fraction of the general society, however, regularly train how to fight and most of the guys and girls here are aware of this ugly reality of fighting and therefore, they don’t go around online challenging other people to fight. Why would they? It is fucking scary for fuck’s sake!

Here is another irony….

Most people have never even really fought once in their lives. Yet, these people are the most confident ones in challenging others to knock them out when they do not even fucking train.

On the other hand, people who train in MMA gyms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and other kinds of legitimate combat sports, fight regularly on a weekly basis in the form of sparring. A guy who train 3 times a week, fight at least 15 times in the same week. In one month, he has already experienced at least 60 fights. In a year, more than 700 fights.

A guy who trains for just a month already has 15 times more fight experience that most dudes in the whole world. Granted that sparring is not the same with a real fight but it is the closest shit to it because you will be punched, kicked, slammed and put in so much discomfort and stress during spars so when shit gets real outside the gym, you have been trained enough how to react and deal with those situations.

Now, imagine this….

When you are a dude, whose closest experience to a fight is probably a pushing incident with another random dude in a bar, challenges a trained individual, who has been regularly sparring for months and years, to a fight, what do you think the results gonna be?

We, as trained motherfuckers, always ignore challenges and this is not because we are afraid of you. We know that we are the ones who will decide what happens when push comes to shove but we ignore you simply because you are not worth our time, focus and life.

We will only do what we do best when we have no other option to protect ourselves of the ones we love most. Challenges from random people on the internet always come with two options; take it or leave it. As long as there are those two options, I will always choose the second one. Call me a coward or whatever but at least I am a trained coward. Oss.

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