Leg locks are both loved and hated in the BJJ community.

Hardcore purists consider leg locks as dirty submissions and people who use them are lacking in their guard passing skills and need something to compensate this weakness.

But then again, as the great Dean Lister once said; why would you ignore 50 percent of the human body?

I certainly wouldn’t.

Hell, if I am too tired to pass someone’s guard, I am going for the legs if I have the chance.

Fortunately, my professor is very open to teaching leg locks and its various entries even for white belts. Yes, some BJJ schools only train leg locks for higher belts because for some reasons, they think it is unsafe for white belts to practice it.

Anyway, one of my favorite BJJ instructional Youtube channels, The Grappling Academy, recently released an interesting video about a position called the reverse ashi garami.

Being a white belt and lacking in BJJ experience, the only leg lock entry position I am familiar with so far is the regular ashi garami and the 50/50 guard. I also recently learned the inside sankaku leg entry.

This reverse ashi garami stuff is completely brand new to me and it really is mind blowing. As you can see in the video below, this entry allows you to do multiple leg lock attacks all at once and it is very secure once you have it. From this position, you can go for knee bar, toe hold, inside heel hook and outside heel hook. The attack will depend on how your opponent react and counter. This instructional is super good, concise and clear. Check it out:

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