I have been working on leg locks in recent months despite being a white belt. Traditionally, white belts are not allowed to do leg locks because they are considered too dangerous and are not to be practiced by beginners. However, I am lucky enough that my gym is very open with the idea of practicing leg locks from the start as long as we practice it carefully to not injure our partners.

To supplement the leg lock training in my gym, I also go to Youtube to search for instructional videos made by other black belts. One of the better leg lock series that I have found so far is from Mikey Musumeci, an accomplished Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Gilbert “Durinho” Burns and Jonatas “Tagarela” Gurgel.

Mikey is also the fourth American to have ever conquered an IBJJF world title in the male black belt division, as well as the first American to conquer this title twice in their career.

Mikey is famous for having dangerous leg lock attacks that are IBJJF-compliant (without having to reap the knee and so on). This post is meant to compile all of his free leg lock instructional videos into one page to make it easier for learning and reviewing.

Musumeci’s Straight Knee Ankle Lock

The straight ankle lock is one of the basic leg lock attacks allowed to be practiced by white belts. It is, however, still a very dangerous submission and needs to be gently practiced to avoid injuries. Mikey has an interesting entry and leg entanglement set up to attack the straight ankle lock. He is using the de la Riva guard to transition into what look like a 50/50 guard to control the leg and hip of his opponent before he finishes the lock.

Cross Ankle Defense Counter

Fighting is about action and reaction. For every attack there is a defense and for every defense, there is a counter and so on. Here, Mikey shows how to counter if his opponent decides to defense against the straight ankle lock from the 50/50 guard using the cross ankle lock. Personally, this is a valuable information because I do not like to play the 50/50 guard because it somehow exposes my ankle to be attacked as well by my opponent.

Leg Drag Counter To Straight Ankle Lock

Another common defense against a leg lock is to stand up and do the leg drag to pass the attacker’s single leg x-guard. I hate it when this happens because once the guard is passed, I often find myself in a really fucked up position. Here, Mikey shows how to defend the leg drag from a standing opponent and then uses his leg hooks to bring the opponent to the ground and finally submit him with the straight ankle lock.

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