I am loving the Musumeci foot lock technique (also known as Botinha) even more in the last couple of weeks. The control on the opponent’s isolated leg is so much better than the regular ashi garami position and it also allows better counter for opponents grabbing on your collar to defend the foot lock.

In these videos below, you can see how I set up for the foot lock and how I use it to counter common foot lock defenses to finally get the finish. I also got a couple of chokes in these two sparring sessions.

This is a rolling session at the Haymaker Club in Kelapa Gading, north Jakarta. The club now has a new BJJ class and you can check out their schedule in their Instagram page. I rolled with a new white belt, so he was kind of spazzy and did unexpected movements that puzzled and worried me.

The first submission was a bicep slicer (yes, it was kind of a dick move on my part but I had to try it, LOL). The second one was an omoplata finish with my back on the mat, something that I have never done before and the Botinha was finally executed in the third and last submission. The Botinha finish looked kind of ugly because I was too tired and I did not even bother to remove my opponent’s leg out of my face because I got the lock deep in his ankle anyway.

The second sparring session was at the Fit Force gym in Kemang. This gym starts opening BJJ classes in June and a good place to train BJJ if you live in the south Jakarta area.

Here I sparred with an opponent that had similar experience. He has been training for about a year just like me and he had also received the second stripe on his white belt. He trains in a different gym far in Surabaya and part of the Grappling Fight Team.

In this sparring session, I executed a combo taught by Prof. Erin Herle here. I had my opponent in the X-guard and then swept him. As he dropped, I quickly went into the Musumeci leg trap and executed the Botinha for my first submission.

The second submission was an Ezekiel choke. It was a basic but highly effective choke especially when you are getting tired. I tried to execute it from top mount but my opponent rolled to put me on the bottom. I still had the closed guard, so the leverage was still on my side for the finish.

Finally, the third submission was a baseball choke. This was the first time I managed to execute the choke in a real sparring session, so I felt kinda cool. Prior to the choke, I played around a lot with the opponent’s lapel to see how he reacted and what kind of attacks were available. As soon as I saw an opening for the baseball grip, I went immediately for the kill.

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