I was one of around 30 BJJ students who took part in Professor Bruno Amorim’s seminar at Gracie Barra Jakarta on March 2.

The seminar was on the over-under pass and for me personally, the guard pass is something that I have been struggling with.

Most people love to play on top but the appeal of BJJ to me has always been the guard position, in which I can attack when my back is on the mat. The guard is fun and is less tiring than playing on top, at least for me. Even if my guard is passed, I am more than happy to try to recompose my guard with my back still on the mat.

However, the main problem for me is whenever I manage to get a sweep, I rarely go directly into a dominant top position (side control or mount) because my guard passing sucks. One of the few guard passes that I can remember is the over-under pass. It is the most basic guard pass but higher ranks still use it because it is so effective.

So, when I learned Professor Bruno was having a seminar on the over-under pass, I immediately jumped on board. For those who have no idea what is the over-under pass, here is Master Rickson Gracie puts a demonstration on it:

The over-under pass from the video above is the most basic variation that you will learn as a white belt.

During Professor Bruno’s seminar, which lasted for about three hours, we learned four different variations using grip modifications depending on how our opponents react.

The first thing that Professor Bruno taught was his approach of preventing any potential triangle from the guy on the bottom by killing his bottom leg.

Professor Bruno helps one of the participants to get the guard pass correctly.

In the first variation, Professor Bruno shared his grip modification on the opponent’s cross collar that will prevent him from curling himself into the turtle position during the passing motion.

And then in the second variation, Professor Bruno showed us how to combine the over-under with the knee slide if our opponent uses his feet to follow us around as we try to pass him.

For the third and fourth variations, we learn how to chain the over-under pass with the double-under pass along with 2-on-1 grip on our opponent’s bottom lapel.

For each of the variation, Professor Bruno had us drill the movement for around five minutes. Participants were also allowed to take videos on the drill so they could rewind them again for future trainings.

I know it is kind of hard to grasp or understand the over-under pass variations taught by Professor Bruno only through texts but I don’t think it is fair for him or the Gracie Barra if I upload the drilling videos for the public to watch.

What is fair, in my opinion, is for you to follow Gracie Barra Indonesia on Instagram so that you can get updates of Professor Bruno’s future seminar in Jakarta. There is nothing better than to learn directly on the mat.

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