The beauty of the internet is the spirit of giving information for everyone. On the flip side of the coin, however, this vast digital jungle also allows incompetent people to give advice in things they do not understand.

The self defense topic is a perfect example of how toxic incompetent people can be.

Instead of inviting self defense experts, social justice warrior laden media, such as Marie Claire and Buzzfeed, use fitness models, crossfitters, vegans and feminist authors to provide “self defense for women” tips.

One of the main reasons for these SJW media to not invite real self defense experts or MMA coaches is because they believe these kind of people are the representation of the so called “toxic masculinity” culture and it is against their agenda to “empower women” through a more friendly and confidence building self defense content.

Well, if that is the case, things can be a little bit tricky.

See, the purpose of self defense is, wait for it, to defend yourself, right?

So, the main keyword here is survival, not empowerment.

Do you think a girl, who is about to get raped, would rather have the feeling of empowerment instead of be able to ward off her potential rapist or assailant? Any normal person with a decent common sense, regardless of the gender, will surely opt for the latter.

By featuring incompetent people to give self defense tips, these SJW media are actually putting women in more danger. Their viewers are exposed to bullshit stuffs that will not work on real life situations but they are not aware of this.

The video below is a perfect example how an incompetent self defense instructor could put women in more danger. In the video, a fitness personal trainer named Lena Marti thinks she knows self defense and she shares five moves that all women should know to get out of trouble:

It did not take long for the self defense and martial arts community to call out Marie Claire on the bullshit shown in the video. But instead of taking it down, Marie Claire decides to keep it up and it continues to fool anyone naive enough to believe that the techniques shown there actually work against a resisting and non-compliant opponent.

All of the five moves will not work in real life, as proven by the Reality Check Self Defense crew here, but as long as they give the feeling of empowerment, then it should not be a problem, right?

Putting more people who genuinely want to learn how to defend themselves is just one part of the equation. Another is the fact that these kinds of bullshit self defense videos from the SJW media only add more fuel to the fire in the already sexist and male-dominated martial arts community.

Due to the fact that most of the bullshit self defense videos feature female instructors, they make it even more difficult for legitimate female instructors to market their skills and teachings.

Take a look at this video as an example:

The instructor in the video above is a legitimate BJJ blue belt. Granted that the blue belt is the second lowest rank in BJJ but if you have ever taken BJJ classes in real BJJ gyms, you know that blue belts are already bad asses in terms fighting.

The instructor here actually talks a lot of sense; distance management, the importance of clinching, fleeing if you have the chance and addressing the choking hand first instead of trying to elbow your attacker. The technique she showcases are also some of the techniques actually taught in the self defense classes of every real BJJ school. The stuffs she teaches in the videos are also the same ones taught by Rener Gracie from the Gracie Jiu Jitsu school.

Yet, people in the comment sections still ridicule her and call her technique as bullshido and I strongly believe it is more because of the fact that she is a woman rather than objective takes on her teachings because other BJJ videos that feature similar techiques with male instructors do not get called out as bullshido.

So, when it is already difficult enough for legitimate female instructors to thrive, please do not make it even harder for them by featuring fitness models who might only take tae bo classes to teach self defense.

If the SJW media really cares about the safety of women, they should have featured MMA fighters and legitimate fighting style experts in their self defense videos.

And also remember that you cannot learn self defense by only watching videos on Youtube. You need to go to a good MMA gym, start training, drill the techniques until they become muscle memory and spar regularly to test them. Only by putting yourself in a real fight situation with a resisting opponent will prepare you for the worst if something should happen on the streets.

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