Good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) gyms are mostly located in Jakarta. I shared some of those here in this post.

Now, most professionals in Jakarta live in the outskirt areas of Tangerang, Depok, Bogor and Bekasi. The rent and house ownership are cheaper whereas the kind of reliable Commuterline trains have made it easier for people living here to go to downtown Jakarta each day.

I personally live in South Tangerang and for the last couple of years, numerous BJJ gyms have been popping up in the area. I like to visit them whenever my BJJ gym in Jakarta is having a day off due to public holidays or during the weekends, when I have nothing else to do and feels like doing some mat work.

Here are my recommended BJJ gyms in Tangerang if you happen to live or work in the area. Please click on the names of the gyms to go to their official websites for more info about location, schedules, membership policies, etc:

1. Strive MMA

This is definitely the best place to go in Tangerang if you want to train BJJ. Located in Karawaci’s MaxxBox Lippo Village Complex, Strive has BJJ classes every single day from Monday to Sunday. During the weekdays, it has up to three classes per day.

With Prof. Marcos Tulio after a roll.

The mat area is big and the facilities from the locker room to showers are world class. If this is not enough, what also makes this place the best BJJ gym in Tangerang is the head coach, Marcos Tulio Machado, who is a fourth degree BJJ black belt straight from Brazil and has won three world titles. So, you get world class facilities and coaching here.

Other than BJJ, you can also train to become a complete MMA fighter here. Strive has a real octagon to train your MMA skills in the cage and also offers wrestling, boxing and muay thai classes, all of which are coached by real professional fighters.

Strive is an affiliate of the American Top Team and Brazilian Top Team gyms. So yeah, it is a world class gym. With this being said, you should expect to pay a high premium fee for membership. From what I learned, you can train everyday at every hour of your choosing in any kinds of combat sports with a fee of Rp 3 million per month.

If you are only interested in BJJ, your fee is at Rp 1.5 million per month. Up until August, you can also pay a visit for a BJJ class by paying Rp 150,000 for one session. You need to bring your own gi and showers are not available if you pay a visit at this rate. If you pay Rp 350,000, you can rent a gi and enjoy all the facilities.

2. BSA Martial Arts

This was my first MMA gym and it was here that I had my first grappling training in the art of Luta Livre (basically no-gi BJJ). Recently, BSA has replaced its Luta Livre program with BJJ under the affiliation with Australia’s De Been Jiu Jitsu, which also has a gym in the Pakubuwono area in south Jakarta.

Post roll photo at the BSA Martial Arts’ mat area.

Like Strive, BSA also has a huge mat area but other facilities, such as showers and changing rooms are not as big. The BJJ coach here is a member of the Indonesian jiu jitsu newaza team, Ariq Noor, who recently got promoted to blue belt by Peter de Been. While Ariq is only a blue belt in BJJ, he has a black belt in Judo, and (if I remember correctly) a purple belt in Luta Livre. So, he is a legitimate high quality grappler.

You can pay Rp 175,000 for a visit to train in the BJJ class if you are a non-member.

BSA also offers muaythai, boxing, taekwondo and judo classes if you are interested in learning more than just BJJ.

3. Pitbull Academy

Pitbull Academy is run and owned by BJJ black belt Fransino Tirta. He is also a semi-retired professional MMA fighter and the head coach at this gym. The BJJ here is much more MMA oriented and therefore, it offers more no-gi classes than gi.

I visited and trained here once and what I can tell is that while the mat area is very small, the guys who train here are the toughest I have ever rolled with because most of them are professional MMA fighters. Prepare to be completely sore after a roll at this place.

The visiting rate, if I remember correctly, is at Rp 175,000 per session for non-members. Just like any other MMA gyms, Pitbull also offers muaythai, boxing and wrestling classes.

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