BJJ black belt Prof. Erin Herle has been collaborating with the Fight Tips Youtube channel in recent weeks to provide some BJJ-specific content.

Prof. Herle is a high level black belt competitor under Cobrinha and is an advocate of using the art to deal with mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety disorder. She has her own blog and as for her mental health advocacy, he started a movement called Submit The Stigma.

In the Fight Tips channel, Prof. Herle shares some technique using the X-Guard.

The X-Guard is a highly effective guard in the context of sports BJJ. It is excellent to off-balance your opponent and there are lots of leg lock attacks available from this guard.

Playing the guard will also push you to train your core and hips because you will need them a lot to attack your opponent from this position.

Here, Prof. Herle shows three basic X-Guard sweeps so that you can get on a dominant top position from the bottom:

3 X-Guard Sweeps

In the second video, Prof. Herle shows three submissions that you can chain from the sweeps above. Two of the submissions are leg locks and the last one is an armbar.

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