Do you have too many ideas and no way to organize them?


Not enough ideas?

In either case, mind mapping might be the solution for you.

Mind maps are an excellent tool for brainstorming, planning and managing your ideas in a way that enhances your creativity and improves your productivity.

Here are 4 mind mapping tools that are free and web-based, meaning there is no complicated software to download. You can get started mind mapping in just a minute, with zero hassle.

This is perhaps the oldest online mind mapping tool, with an intuitive drag and drop interface, the ability to save and export mind maps, and even embed your mind maps onto webpages.

This one is subscription focused but does offer a free version. It has a flexible interface that supports images and annotations, and you can share and collaborate on mind maps and even integrate Skype calls.

This one is pronounced, “Mind for two,” and it emphasizes the collaboration of brain storming and mind mapping. You can use it alone or with others, and it’s free for users without limitations and supported by ads.

Again, this one is completely free for the user and supported by ads. This is the favorite of many mind map users, with a frictionless interface that helps you to focus. You can convert maps to PDF, PowerPoint and outlines, publish and share maps online, and save to Google Drive. Use it for note taking, collaborative planning, teamwork and classrooms.

Hans David

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