Who is Hans?

On a daily basis, Hans works as a journalist for The Jakarta Post. He is a deputy editor for its Features desk, which covers entertainment, life style and cultural stuffs.

His journalism career began in 2008 and since then, he has covered many different issues and beats ranging from urban life, politics, economy, corporate businesses to finally now, arts and entertainment.

Things went not so well for Hans in 2017. An accumulation of personal issues forced him into depression until he found sanctuary in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, something that he had always been interested to take part in but only found the time to actually jump in March 2018.

Since Hans’ first BJJ class, he has been training regularly three times a week under Alliance black belt Deddy Wigraha and now he is currently a BJJ blue belt.

BJJ has given Hans a new purpose and best of all, a new family

Internet and Affiliate Marketing

Hans’ journey to make money online goes way back to 2006, when he graduated from college but found it hard to find a job. He began freelancing as a translator to make a little bit of money and he found clients online and through friends’ recommendations.

Hans quit freelancing when he began working as a journalist but in 2010, he took writing jobs for internet marketers just to add a little bit of money so that he could expand his Marvel comic book collection. It was at this time also that Hans took a look into affiliate marketing because some of his clients were affiliate marketers.

To explain briefly; affiliate marketing is an online middle-man job. You found a group of people who have problem and then you recommend a product, which belongs to someone else, that can provide solutions. If people buy the product, you will be paid a commission by the product owners.

Making Money from Affiliate Marketing

In 2012 to 2017, Hans tried affiliate marketing himself. He booked his first Clickbank sale in 2013 and received his first pay check from Clickbank 3 months later. He dived into various niche; from penis enlargement to MMA, dog training and even cooking.

In 2016, he also began to look into the affiliate marketing industry in his local market in Indonesia. He joined Ratakan, the Indonesian-version of Clickbank, and began earning money from selling locally-made digital products and software.

But then again, as stated above, strings of personal problems hit Hans in 2017 and he could not focus on too many issues at the same time; his day job, his affiliate business and his personal problems. He opted to take a break from affiliate marketing to focus on his own well being and happiness.

Return to Internet Marketing

Now that Hans feels a lot better mentally, he returns to the internet marketing scene. He now uses his journalism and media experience to publish his own Internet Marketing Newsletter, partnering up with other internet marketers from all over the globe to provide the most updated content about the internet marketing industry.

The Internet Marketing Newsletter is free forever and delivered to subscribers on a monthly basis. In addition, subscribers will also receive tips, exclusively available in Hans’ mailing list, delivered regularly to their inboxes.