In today's blog post, you will learn how to execute an advanced Ezekiel choke from closed guard

I recently learned about this new variation of the Ezekiel choke from Professor Ronny of Singapore-based FAMA MMA

The Ezekiel choke is a highly effective submission that has been used for decades and is named after Ezequiel Paraguassu, a judoka who popularized the technique in BJJ. 

The basic variation involves using the sleeve of your gi to apply pressure to your opponent's neck. 

In this advanced variation, however, you will use your opponent's lapel instead.

What I also find cool about this variation is that you have the option to sweep your opponent and finish with another choke from the top.

If you're interested in learning this advanced Ezekiel choke variation from closed guard, check out the video instructional below. 

My step-by-step guide will walk you through each stage of the choke, from set up to finish.

Advanced Ezekiel Choke From Closed Guard Step-By-Step Guide

Step #1: Get cross collar grip

Unique ezekiel choke first step.

Getting the cross collar grip.

When you're in closed guard and looking to attack, one of the first things you should focus on is securing a cross collar grip. 

This grip will give you control over your opponent's posture and set you up for a number of different attacks.

To get the grip, start by opening up your opponent's collar with your non-dominant hand. 

Once you have a good grip on the material, use your dominant hand to reach over and grab deep into the collar with palm facing up. 

You want to get as high up on the collar as possible, almost like you're setting up for a cross collar choke.

But here's the thing: you're not actually going for the cross collar choke. 

At least, not yet. 

Instead, you're using the threat of the choke to control your opponent's movements and create openings for other attacks.

Basically, in this advanced Ezekiel choke setup, you want to make your opponent thinks about the cross collar choke while what you want is slowly opening his lapel to get to the next step.

Step #2: Open opponent’s same side lapel

Open the lapel to set up the unique ezekiel choke

Opening up the same side lapel.

To execute the next step, you need to start opening your opponent's lapel. 

The lapel you should open is on the same side with the collar where you placed your cross collar grip. 

You may need to open and close your guard several times to create enough slack on your opponent's lapel. 

Once you're satisfied with the slack, use your non-gripping hand to grab the tail end of the lapel. 

In the example shown in the animated image above, the lapel tail is gripped with the left hand. 

Then, loop the tail end of the lapel over your opponent's elbow line.

Step #3: Break your opponent’s posture

Breaking opponent's posture.

Use your legs to break your opponent's posture.

To execute any guard attack, breaking your opponent's posture is crucial. 

For the advanced Ezekiel choke from closed guard, begin by releasing your cross collar grip and transitioning the same hand to your opponent's sleeve. 

Next, use your other hand, which is holding the lapel tail loop on your opponent's elbow, to push their arm across your body. 

Simultaneously, utilize your legs to pull your opponent down. 

This combination of movements will effectively break your opponent's posture and trap one of their arms on your belly. 

Once your opponent's posture is broken, you want to pass the lapel tail to your other hand.

See the animated image above for a visual reference.

Step #4: Re-pass the lapel tail back

Setting up the unique ezekiel choke loop.

Pass the lapel tail back to your top hand.

After breaking your opponent's posture and passing the lapel tail to the hand that was previously gripping the cross collar, quickly hug your opponent's head from the top to prevent them from posturing up again. 

Then, pass the lapel tail back to the hand holding their head. 

This grip creates a loop gap between their lapel and neck. 

Refer to the animated image above for a visual demonstration.

Step #5: Get the Ezekiel choke grip

Getting the unique ezekiel choke grip.

The advanced Ezekiel choke grip.

To get the Ezekiel choke grip, start by inserting your bottom hand into the gap between your opponent's neck and collar. 

Make sure that your arm is placed below your opponent's chin or on their throat as you insert it through the gap.

Next, create the choke grip by grabbing your own bicep with your other arm, similar to a rear-naked choke grip.

Step #6: Finish the advanced Ezekiel choke

Finishing the advanced Ezekiel choke.

Finishing the advanced Ezekiel choke.

Now you have everything you need to submit your opponent.

As with any other Ezekiel choke, all it takes is to straighten your arms and apply pressure on your opponent's neck to secure a submission. 

Refer to the animated image above for a visual guide.

Alternative Finish

If you're having trouble executing this advanced Ezekiel choke, you're not alone. 

As you can see in the video above, it can be difficult to get your bottom hand through the loop gap. 

However, don't give up just yet. 

Even if you can't finish the Ezekiel choke, the grips and setup you've established up until step #4 can still put you in a good position to sweep your opponent and finish with another choke from the top.

Keep on reading below to learn more.

Step #1: Underhook your opponent’s leg

Alternative finish for the unique ezekiel choke.

Underhooking the leg.

With your top hand still gripping your opponent's lapel tail, you want to open your guard to help you go perpendicular.

As you move perpendicular, aim to secure a deep underhook on your opponent's leg.

Refer to the animated image above for visual guidance.

Step #2: Score the pendulum sweep

The pendulum sweep.

The pendulum sweep.

Next, you need to swing your leg to execute a pendulum sweep on your opponent.

Usually, people end up in the top mount position after performing the sweep.

However, this time, you do not want to flatten your opponent. 

Instead, you want to keep his body sideways by transitioning to the surf mount while maintaining your underhook and grip on your opponent's lapel.

See how I do the move in the animated image above.

Step #3: Finish the choke from top surf mount

Surf mount choke.

Choke from top surf mount.

With the lapel grip and underhook secured, all you need to do now is just pull your opponent's leg and knee together to choke him out.

This choke looks very similar to the bow and arrow choke.

See the animated image above for reference.

To wrap it up....

This advanced Ezekiel choke from closed guard is a highly effective submission that can catch your opponent off guard. 

This variation requires a great deal of skill and practice to execute correctly because it has more steps and intricate details than the regular Ezekiel choke.

By following the step-by-step guide I've provided, you'll be well on your way to mastering this technique and adding a great new attack to your jiu jitsu game.

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