It's time to expose another one of these affiliate marketing scams.

This time it is Paolo Beringuel, the guy behind Affiliate Marketing Traffic Cartel (AMTC).

We all know that most affiliates are only interested in money and not your success, but this guy is really trying to make a quick buck by stealing from you.

He does this by making false promises about AMTC traffic quality and then charging you $1.5 per click to your link.

For this reason I'm going to tell you a little more about what he does so that hopefully nobody else falls victim to his scam.

These are the exact quote from his Affiliate Marketing Traffic Cartel website:

"The Exact Traffic Source That I Use To Generate 5 to 6 Figures In Affiliate Marketing Commissions..."

"We Do All The Work... YOU Make All The Commissions"  - Paolo Beringuel | Founder, Affiliate Marketing Traffic Cartel.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing Traffic Cartel (AMTC) is a digital ad agency where you can buy targeted clicks to your offer.

You pay based on per click basis and with AMTC, you pay $3/click.

In November, Paolo offered a buy-one-get-one promotion. So, if you purchase the 100-click package, you will receive 200 clicks for $300. This made the cost-per-click down to $1.5/click.

Paolo claims that his traffic is different because he will promote your offer through his Microsoft Ad and Google Adwords accounts.

So, this is not going to be your regular solo ad email traffic. This will be super targeted warm leads and at the worst case scenario, you will make at least two sales out of 100 clicks even on high ticket offers.

He also promises that all clicks will be delivered in 14 days.

The results of my test with AMTC traffic

So, I decided to test AMTC traffic on November 24, 2021. I paid Paolo $300 upfront to deliver 200 clicks to my link.

At first, he was very responsive and provided me with a ClickMagick tracking link that I could use to track my campaign progress. This is the proof that I paid him and contacted him through Facebook about my campaign:

After a week, I checked on my tracking link and I received less than 10 clicks on my link. So, I contacted Paolo again and he was still responsive. He said that traffic was slow because it was Thanksgiving but he assured me that the clicks will pick up the pace and they will be fully delivered in 14 days:

I became more suspicious when the 14-day deadline was almost up and the clicks that I received was still below 50 clicks as you all can see below:

I then contacted Paolo last night to inquire about my ordered traffic and whether he could deliver them before the 14-day deadline passes. He did not respond at all for hours. The screenshot below was me contacting him directly to his personal Facebook because he kept on ignoring me on his Fanpage account:

Because he did not respond for hours, I filed a dispute on Paypal. Only then he finally replied to my message on Facebook.

His excuse was very pathetic as you can see below. He said that my campaign stopped because his credit card was expired.

I mean, really? For real, bro? You charge people $1.5/click for your traffic and you do not even have the decency to make sure that your credit card is active to ensure a smooth campaign?

Then he said he would restart the campaign and have all my ordered traffic completed in 2 days only after I close my dispute ticket on Paypal.

Yeah right. All I know is that if I close my dispute ticket, then Paypal will consider everything between me and him are resolved. So, even if he fails to deliver, I can never submit another dispute ticket.

And what makes Paolo is even worse as a human being is that he actually gaslighted me for his failure to deliver his traffic.

In the screenshot below you can see that I told him I would only resolve the dispute on Paypal after I received my traffic. Which is a fair request considering how unprofessional he has been throughout this campaign.

But then he tried to accuse me that I would steal his money by not resolving the dispute once he delivered his traffic.

I eventually escalated my dispute ticket on Paypal to claim for a refund because Paolo clearly showed no remorse and no good intention in delivering his promises to me as his client.

To wrap it up....

Stay away from Paolo and his AMTC service or anything else that he is promoting. He is clearly not a man of integrity and professionalism.

For a marketer who brands himself so highly on Youtube, an expiring credit card is the lamest excuse he could have come up with for providing a poor service quality.

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