This is an interesting little niche business that yields good money, and it’s also a case study. And while I can’t divulge every detail, I can share enough to get you started.

This is about leveraging your knowledge of technology that most offline businesses simply don’t have.

And here’s the surprising bit – all you need is a WordPress plugin that YOU own. You don’t even have to develop it yourself. Simply buy one with PLR, resell rights or developer’s license rights.

You’re going to be installing it on other people’s websites. And if you own the PLR rights to it, you’ll also be rebranding it so that it appears to be a one-of-a-kind plugin.

I know someone doing this exact thing. He finds a non-techy type of business, either online or offline. That’s right, you can even target online businesses as long as they aren’t tech savvy.

He looks for plugins that run in the foreground, you might say. The plugin should do something the site owner can SEE, something that is done on an ongoing basis.

For example, it might be a plugin that drags content onto a site, displays offers, creates slideshows, runs support desks, handles membership areas, runs paid advertising for clients or has some sort of dynamic display function.

You want the site owner to be able to see something happening on an ongoing basis so it appears the plugin is doing a lot of work. If the plugin just runs in the background, then it’s more difficult to get the site owner to pay the monthly fee.

If you look at it from the site owners point of view, if they think they have to hire someone to do this thing (whatever the thing is) for their website on an ongoing basis, then they are more than happy to pay a monthly fee for the sourcing, installation and maintenance of a plugin that does the work for them.

My case study finds his clients by taking contact details off prospective websites and either emailing them or sending them an actual letter to offer his services.

He follows up with a phone call or Skype chat.

He targets online businesses or businesses that have a significant online presence. And of course, the types of businesses he targets is also determined by the types of plugins he offers.

For example, a plugin that turns photos into slideshows that automatically update each week would be ideal for a photography studio.

He’s looking for the flaws in their websites – the thing that is missing that his plugin can provide. And then he offers to solve the issue for them.

And you can do this with software services as well, such as an autoresponder service for a website that isn’t collecting email addresses. Remember, these are not tech savvy people you’re targeting here.

He charges a fee for the initial consultation, installation and setting it up, along with a monthly maintenance fee.

His fees differ based on the various services he offers. And he does charge more if the service looks more involved and complex, even if it’s actually simpler.

His customers are happy with his services and he is making good money.

Hans David

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