This takes some legwork, but once you have it set up, you can make a legitimate real income online.

First, you’re going to target niche marketers (in most any and every niche) who want to turn their hobbies, interests and passions into full time income.

There are couple of reasons for targeting them, versus targeting people who come online for the sole purpose of making money, without already have a foundation to build upon. These niche marketers often already have some income. They have an audience. They have a blog and social media. They just need help to monetize it, and they’re ready and willing to pay for that help.

Now then, why give a course away? Because the real money is on the back-end.

In our case study, Joshua (not his real name) has built several different courses, all aimed at helping these niche marketers to monetize their efforts.

If you think about all the different aspects of internet marketing, such as building funnels, driving traffic, creating products and so forth, you’ll realize there is a LOT to teach here, with a huge potential.

Joshua picks a topic – for example, how to build a profitable sales funnel.

He creates an awesome training course on how to build a funnel and monetize it to the max. And he creates this course from the newbie point of view, giving good information and techniques.

The free course is offered through a squeeze page, and he sends traffic to the page via paid and free methods. One of his best free methods is free viral reports targeted very specifically to certain niches.

These courses are doled out in segments over the course of weeks. The first couple of weeks are overviews to acquaint the reader with how the whole thing works, what to expect, what a sales funnel is and so forth. It gets them really excited for the content to come.

Next, everything is laid out in a step by step fashion. For example, step one might be to get an autoresponder or a website.

And in every single step, he recommends any and every service and product that can help his readers.

He even provides separate reports on each one, giving reviews, comparisons and so forth. Products he recommends are things like Leadpages, Clickfunnels, Aweber, Getresponse, certain plugins, hosting, software and so forth.

And of course each and every one of these products and services is offered through an affiliate link.

Remember, the course is FREE. And it’s excellent information. That’s why Joshua doesn’t feel bad about splashing his affiliate links here, there and everywhere.

These services he offers are billed on a monthly basis, bringing him monthly payments, too.

But it doesn’t stop there. Joshua also recommends specialized courses on various aspects of the business. He only recommends products he firmly endorses, and his readers trust his recommendations.

Everything is framed from the standpoint of helping the reader and being an advocate for them. And everything also pays Joshua hefty commissions, too.

Next, Joshua offers done for you services, like article writing, SEO, graphics, website design, email sequences, email support, PLR, plugins and so forth.

He has a team of freelancers that handle this work for him. Naturally he sells everything at a markup. And his customers are thrilled they don’t have to find their own freelancers.

Next, Joshua offers high-ticket coaching and support. For $200 a month, he will answer questions via email. For $400 a month, he jumps on the phone with you once a week. Frankly, I think he could charge more for the coaching, and he says he will likely double his prices soon.

All of this comes from giving away a FREE course. And remember, Joshua is also building a list in the process. He sends out promotional emails three times a week in addition to all the promotions within the training, and no, he doesn’t get complaints because his course is FREE.

And Joshua currently has THREE of these courses set up, with his eyes on creating another 4 in the next 4 months.

That’s seven free courses, all building his list and gaining him sales of all the various products and services he’s recommending.

And he never comes across as ‘selling.’ Not really. He always plays the ‘advocate’ card, looking out for his subscribers and only steering them to the best resources that will give them the highest advantages and biggest paydays.

Right now his take home income after expenses is up to over $8,000 a month and climbing. I imagine when he gets the next four courses online, that will likely double or more.

Not bad for creating some courses one time and giving them away for free.

One note: If you do this, be sure to update your courses as needed. If your information is kept current and your links are all valid (some products come and go) then each course can continue to make you money for years to come.

Hans David

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    • Sandra Ans

      Thank you for this post! I was always wondering why people are offering so many free courses, but now I know… and even more, now I can make new strategies for my blog too. Very, very useful!

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