In this post, I am reviewing FunnelMates, a software that lets you create sales funnel pages with drag and drop technology. You can build different types of funnels for all sorts of purposes, such as lead generation, product launch, membership site and more. This post will review the features and benefits that come with this handy piece of software.

The answer to this question isn't as obvious as you might think. Many people don't realize the value of creating and configuring funnels until they see how it can help them achieve their business goals faster than ever before.

Here are some reasons why you need to build a sales funnel for your website:

- A sales funnel can help you greatly in converting visitors into prospects and eventually buyers.

- By having a well-oiled funnel in place, you can easily track your results and measure your success.

- Funnels help to build trust with your visitors and encourage them to take the desired actions that will benefit your business in the long run.

- With the help of funnel software, you can create pages that are specifically designed to convert visitors into customers.

The challenges of building a sales funnel

Many newbies or beginner internet marketers don't realize they need a sales funnel when in fact they do.

They might think, “If I make a product and offer it to people then surely somebody will buy it?” The short answer is no!

You really do need a system that fits together like Lego bricks for your online business to work.

Typically, the most simple sales funnel looks like this:

Visitors >> Optin page >> Bridge page >> Product offer page.

But even developing the most simple funnel can be intimidating for newbies let alone funnels that have multiple upsell/downsell offers.

People aren't going to be able to see the wood from the trees if your website doesn't have any clear direction or purpose.

In essence, all of these components come down to one thing: getting more customers so that you can get paid more money.

Creating a sales funnel is one of the most difficult things to do when you're starting out in business. It's not impossible, but it can be tricky trying to work out what needs to go where and how everything ties together. A lot of people give up at this stage because they think it's too complicated or they just don't have the time.

But if you want your business to grow, then having a sales funnel in place is essential. So, don't get discouraged - it will take some effort, but it's definitely worth it in the end. Just make sure that you take the time to plan everything out properly and that you have a clear goal in mind.

How FunnelMates can help you easily build your sale funnels

Each user can play with the FunnelMates dashboard to build their own sales funnel. It is a very easy and intuitive system which allows you to create landing pages, funnels in different shapes inside minutes. You will not even need any technical skills for this purpose because it works like magic.

Even if your visitors make mistakes when visiting your site or clicking on links, there won’t be any problem. This amazing platform automatically takes care of them by setting up redirections into other stages of the sales process according to where they are at that moment or what link they have clicked on previously.

In addition to providing an effective method for generating leads from completely new audiences, FunnelMates also facilitates lead quality control through email marketing automation.

You will be able to keep track of who is opening your emails and clicking on the links inside them, so you can tailor future content specifically for these individuals. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to improve conversion rates and increase sales in the long term.

From top to bottom, FunnelMates has everything you need to succeed.

With FunnelMates, you can:

- Create a custom sales funnel in minutes

- Easily add new content with its simple drag-and-drop interface

- Optimize your funnel for maximum conversions

- Monitor your progress and results with easy-to-use analytics

An inside look into FunnelMates

I am a personal customer of FunnelMates and in this section, I am going to show you a scoop into the software's dashboard.

Once you purchase FunnelMates, you will be able to login into the dashboard and here is how it looks like:

Funnelmates dashboard.

Once you login, you will be able to watch or read the training resources on how to use the software to build sale funnels.

On the left hand side, there are several menus and here are some of the important ones.

- Funnels: This is where you can find your created funnels and get their link details so you can start promoting them through ads and social media posts to get traffic and prospects.

- Builder: This is where you build your sale funnel. You can start from scratch or use a pre-made funnel.

- Store: FunnelMates users can sell and buy ready-made funnels from other users as well.

- Settings: This is where you set up integration with third party software. FunnelMates can integrate with most well known autoresponder services so you can collect the leads you collect using the funnels straight into your autoresponder account.

- DFY Traffic: Your sale funnels are meaningless if it has no visitors. With this, you can purchase traffic from FunnelMates to go into your funnels so you can start collecting leads.

FunnelMates benefits for affiliate marketers

FunnelMates is the perfect tool for affiliate marketers looking to sell more products. 

The software can integrate with 3 major affiliate networks: ClickBank, JVZoo and Warrior+ and it has funnels for dozens of products that are sold through those networks.

With FunnelMates, you only need to input your affiliate details in the setting page and FunnelMates will automatically hardcode your affiliate IDs inside their funnels including their email follow ups!

So, for example, if you are promoting Grow Viral, currently sold via JVZoo, all you need to do is unlock the Grow Viral funnel in the store section like this:

Once you unlock the funnel, you can activate it and then in the funnel section, you will find your activated Grow Viral funnel and the funnel links that you can promote to get traffic:

If you test the link, you will be taken to an optin page in which your visitors can get a free social media marketing kit in exchange for their email. Once they optin, the FunnelMates system will start working to promote the GrowViral product in the follow up emails and the links in here are embedded with your JVZoo affiliate ID so you can get commissions if someone buys!

And remember, there are hundreds of product funnels available in the FunnelMates system for any niche that you can think of.

FunnelMates pricing

FunnelMates offer various kinds of pricing. You can check out their pricing plans here:

Choose whichever pricing plan that suits your budget and goals. You can always start with the most affordable one and upgrade your way to the platinum plan once you get your funnels making sales.


We all know that building a sales funnel can be tricky, but I think you’ll find FunnelMates to be the perfect solution. You don't have to worry about starting from scratch and creating your own marketing plan -FunnelMates has already done it for you! All of their funnels are pre-made so they're ready to go once you sign up.

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