If you are looking for the best autoresponder or email marketing services for your business, you've landed in the right place.

This article will give you a thorough GetResponse review and tell you what makes it the best online marketing platform. I will go into its key features, GetResponse cost, how it compares to competitors, and its pros and cons based on my own personal experience as a customer.

Before I dive into the review, let me explain what email marketing is if you're new to this.

Email marketing is the use of emails as a means of marketing to promote your business, products and services. It is also a good way to secure customer loyalty, as it helps you notify customers on new product launches and discount offers.

To reach a customer through email marketing, you would have to add them to your email list after obtaining their email through other marketing campaigns.

Email marketing also helps you maintain healthy customer engagement; and is a great marketing tool for small businesses.

Using an email marketing platform or software is also a great way to manage your email list and send out emails. They also provide email marketing tools, automation features, and many more.

Small to medium businesses will find that an email campaign can help them push their business forward faster. Small businesses will especially benefit from GetResponse. It's time to dive right into the review.

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is one of the best email marketing apps out there. It began as a dedicated platform for email campaigns that allowed you to:
- Create mailing lists to capture data
- Send out e-newsletters to your subscribers
- Use autoresponders feature to automate email marketing for you
- View and analyze statistics of your email campaigns such as click-through, forwards, and more

However, it has recently expanded its reach, and has become an all-inclusive online marketing solution.

Now, you will not only get the basic email marketing tool, but you can also make use of email marketing features such as a website builder, e-commerce features, chats, hosting webinars, automated sales funnels and landing pages.

GetResponse offers amazing marketing automation features as well; a user-friendly interface and terrific price plans are a further value addition.

GetResponse main features

Many advanced features make GetResponse the best autoresponder. GetResponse features a pretty long list of marketing tools, compared to its competitors. Mentioned below are some of them:


Autoresponders is an email automation tool that allows you to send e-newsletters to your subscriber list whenever you choose. GetResponse's autoresponder feature is the best because it is comprehensive and advanced. You can choose to send time-based or action-based responses.

The autoresponder will send emails when website visitors or users open/click anything, subscribe to a service, change contact preferences or data, complete transactions or even send them birthday emails! It is great for any business, especially bigger ones as it helps you save time while maintaining customer engagement.

Marketing automation tools

GetResponse allows you to sequence emails using the marketing automation feature and tools automatically. You will be able to create automation workflows, in which you'll instruct GetResponse on how to respond when users open offers, links or click anything. This feature is more advanced than what's offered by other email marketing platforms and autoresponders.

You'll be able to customize the customer journey through your website or mobile app. It's a great way to make your business more accessible and easy to navigate for new users and customers.


GetResponse integrates a good variety of email analytics and reporting options. You'll be able to view how your site or app is performing - subscribe/unsubscribe rates, click-throughs, open rates, user data, and many more. A few of the analytical features worth mentioning are:

- E-newsletter performance comparison: you will be able to compare how one e-newsletter performs compared to another. It's a great way to optimize your e-newsletters and customer engagement
- Email ROI: you can add tracking codes on your post-sales page so you can track how effective your email campaigns are in driving sales
- One-click retargeting: an easy way to identify customers who did or did not engage with a newsletter and send follow-ups
- Per-user information: you can find out where your customers or users signed up from, their location, name, age, preferences and the emails they've interacted with

Email templates by GetResponse

Getresponse offers 125 email templates for you to choose from. The options are not as many as some competitors, offering over 500 or even nearly 1,000 templates.

However, the email templates on GetResponse vary in nature and design, which makes them easy to edit and access. They are  high quality and are centered around different goals. You will find templates across categories such as promoting, selling, and educating.

One issue you might face with your tool often is that the email template editor does not allow you to define heading and paragraph styling to re-use. As a result, you have to manually format the text with every email you compose, which is quite inconvenient.

GetResponse  provides you with the ability to use many web fonts. There is a wide variety of google fonts to choose from and make your email campaigns as appealing as possible for your brand.

The email templates on GetResponse are responsive, which means that they automatically adjust emails to suit any device it's being viewed on. You can get a preview of each template for different devices and see if you like how the newsletter looks overall.

GetResponse additional features

Split testing

Send different versions of your newsletters on your contact list and monitor their performance. This method allows you to use the most optimal and effective options.

Landing page creator

Build sophisticated landing pages and test the conversion rates of different pages to find out what works best. This allows you to increase your leads for your ad campaign and use the landing page editor to optimise your pages.


Generate leads and revenue by hosting webinars. Send out emails to your subscriber list so they can further share the webinar details for you, thus attracting more potential customers.

Conversion funnels

You can manage your business' e-commerce by creating product catalogs, Facebook ad campaigns, landing pages, adding subscribers to autoresponder cycles, leading users to sales pages, taking payments and more. Ideal conversion tool for small businesses who need dedicated e-commerce solutions.

Website builder

You can create a website within GetResponse and connect it to a domain or buy it within GetResponse. Good website building features are offered but are quite simple and static. Not the best website builder to create an online shop, but good enough to create a brochure webpage.

GetResponse chats

Add the chat functionality to your website to help increase conversion and subscription rates. Note that if you have too many scripts on your site for interactive tools such as a chat feature, it will negatively affect your page loading times.

Apps and integrations

You can connect GetResponse with other platforms or tools using any of the 60 integrations provided. You can add google analytics integration to your email campaign, import contacts, link landing pages to google ads, and you can measure how effective your ad and email campaigns are.

GetResponse pricing and plans

GetResponse offers five different pricing plans:

GetResponse Free Plan: For no cost at all, you will be able to use a simple version of GetResponse for as long as you want, only if your subscriber and contact list remain under 500 records. Unfortunately, it does not include most of the advanced features available on the platform.
GetResponse Basic: Starting at $15 a month, you will be able to send an unlimited number of emails to a list of no more than 1,000 subscribers. It includes a handful of the advanced features except those reserved for Plus and above plans.
GetResponse Plus: You can get a good selection of advanced features and marketing tools on GetResponse for $49 a month and have a contact list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
GetResponse Professional: You will also get a bigger selection of advanced features and marketing tools starting at $99 a month and a contact list of up to 1,000 subscribers.
GetResponse Max: Get all the features and marketing tools you need for as big a list of subscribers you want to have. The pricing is customized based on your needs.

The prices for each plan can vary; the more subscribers you add to your list, the more you will have to pay.

However, if you want to buy the Max plan, you will have to contact GetResponse to figure out the details, negotiate the price, and receive a demo.

You can also get good discounts on upfront payments for 1-2 years of service, such as 18% to 30%.

You can also get free trials of every plan for 30 days if you can not decide what you want right off the bat.

The differences between plans

All the plans offer these features:

Allow you to import and host subscriber contact list- Offer range of newsletter email templates and email editor, along with drag and drop feature
Provides landing page builder and editor
Enables sales page/lead funnels
Offers Facebook and google ad management tools
Has website builder tool

However, there are some features that you may or may not get between the Basic, Plus and Professional. Here is the details:

Automation builder, available for Plus and above plans
Conversion funnels, you will access more automated sales funnels the more you pay
Live webinars are not provided in the Basic plan; you have limited attendees for the plus plans and above - 100 attendees for the plus plan, 300 for the professional plan and 1000 for the Max plan
Paid webinars are only available for plus plan and above, in which you can charge attendees for webinar accessibility
The abandoned order recovery feature is only accessible to Professional plans and subscribers. The feature sends automatic reminders to customers who did not complete their orders
You can improve team management for your business by subscribing to a plus plan, professional plan or Max plan, in which 3, 5, and up to 500 team members can access your GetResponse account, respectively

GetResponse interface

GetResponse is very user-friendly, for the most part. Its interface has been redesigned recently to make it easier to use and provide quick access to all its key features.

It has excellent segment management, and you can do all the basic tasks on GetResponse conveniently - import contacts, create email campaigns, check statistics and email analytics, or set up autoresponders.

The marketing automation tools are quite easy to get the hang of too.

The landing page editor and creator tools could use a little extra work though and be more user-friendly.

The email creator has a clean, intuitive drag and drop interface that is very easy to use. It is not as advanced or well-rounded as other email marketing apps, but the drag and drop editor makes GetResponse a convenient email marketing tool.

Customer support

GetResponse customer support used to be excellent, with phone support being offered alongside a live chat support option. Email customer support and various online tutorials and resources were available too.

However, the GetResponse customer support through phone calls is no longer available unless you're a Max plan user. You will still be able to access 24/7 live chat and email support.

The email support on Getresponse is available in 8 different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, German and Portuguese. It allows users from across the globe to access GetResponse customer support and make the most of this email marketing platform and autoresponder.

Pros and cons of GetResponse

Now that we know everything there is to know about this email marketing software let's weigh out the pros and cons of using it. It would not be an honest GetResponse review if I did not include all the good with all the not-so-good stuff.


You can use a completely free version of the platform for as long as you need
GetResponse is cheaper than most email marketing competitors, as long as you stick to the Basic Plan
It offers excellent marketing tools for marketing automation
You get great discounts on upfront payments for 1-2 years of service
Flexible approach on data segmentation and list management is simplified
The chat feature is a great addition to most types of websites and can help increase conversion rates
Webinar functionality
GetResponse customer support offered in 8 languages
Ideal for small business owners, affordable and offers a wide range of features
No credit card details are required upon signing up for free trials
Landing page editor and creator feature
Meets GDPR requirements
Conversion funnel feature
Automation templates provided to make email marketing efficient


Drag and drop user interface for creating landing pages is not the best
You can't use facebook pixel with GetResponse landing pages in a GDPR compliant manner
No phone customer support
Website builder requires more work done to improve and compete with other marketing tools
The split testing feature is limited; you can only test subject lines and content and not sender/sending times
GetResponse popup signup forms need improvement
Reaching customer support through email takes time

Conclusion: Is GetResponse worth your investment?

To conclude this GetResponse review, I would like to say that I recommend GetResponse to all small business owners.

Small business owners may benefit from email marketing features such as autoresponder, but it is not as advanced as some competitors.

Regardless, GetResponse's pricing plans are great, and its automation workflows are effective.

GetResponse features many tools to optimize your email campaign and allow your customers and website visitors to make the most of your website and services in just a few clicks.

The landing page feature is easy to work with, so are the GetResponse funnel builder and list manager; and you can even opt for a free plan if you don't require anything more than the basic email automation features.

Many GetResponse reviews have been positive, and I can assure you that you can make the most out of all the pricing plans they offer.

I hope this review was helpful, and you can go through with effective email campaigns.

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