Lazer Point Profits


Overal Rating



  • Not hipey. Actually tells you as it is.
  • Step by step tutorials.
  • Yes, you can get thousands of email leads using this method for free.
  • Price is very affordable.


  • It is not actually "white hat".
  • Requires manual work and automation is not feasible using this method.
  • Not suitable for autoresponders.
  • Not for everyone.

Today I am going to review a new internet marketing course called Lazer Point Profits from Paul Tilley.

What Is Lazer Point Profits?

Lazer Point Profits is a digital course that shows you how to get thousands of email leads for free each month.

The product actually delivers what it says but it is not what you might think it will be.

The list building method here, although Paul claims it to be “white hat”, is more of a “gray hat” method. Meaning that you can argue that you get the emails ethically but it is also justified to say that how you obtain them is not very ethical.

What Lazer Point Profits Teaches

This list building method is also not for everyone. Certain online businesses can definitely use this method to obtain new leads and convert them into clients. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, this method might not be working so well for you unless you really know how to monetize the kinds of email list that you will obtain from this method.

The method in Lazer Point Profits also require a lot of manual work. It is very hard to automate the email marketing using this method unless you manage to build a solid relationship with the leads. This also implies that this method is not very friendly to autoresponders and you are risking your autoresponder account banned if you are using this method and I will show you why.

For a more comprehensive review of this method you can watch my review video below and if you think that your business model is suitable to use this kind of method, you can purchase Lazer Point Profits here.

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Affiliate Disclosure: While I am giving an honest review on Lazer Point Profits, I must disclose that due to the potential usefulness of the product to certain businesses, I decided to be one of its affiliates. If you purchase Lazer Point Profits via this page, I will receive a commission fee at no extra cost to you.

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