In this BJJ instructional video, I'm excited to share one of my favorite submissions from side control, the "Ninja Choke".

This is a highly effective technique that is both sneaky and also looks very cool.

It requires a perfect set up and a good understanding of leverage, but once mastered, it can be a game-changer for your BJJ game.

The "Ninja Choke" is often referred to as the "Lapel Choke from Side Control", but I believe the name "Ninja Choke" better captures its essence.

It's a submission that is designed to be executed with speed and precision, making it a great choice for competitions and during sparring sessions.

I do not recommend this choke for self-defense situations.

While it can be useful, I always believe that in the context of self-defense, more direct attacks with less setups are the better choice.

To begin executing the choke, you'll need to establish control over your opponent from the side control position.

This is done by using your hips, legs, and torso to control their movements and create the space you need to set up the choke. 

You then want to isolate your opponent's neck using the lapel and your arm.

You then use the isolation to create pressure on your opponent's neck, compressing the carotid arteries and forcing him to tap out.

For a better explanation of the technique, you can watch the instructional video below:

It is important to note that the "Ninja Choke" is very quick to choke somebody out if you get it perfectly locked in, so always be mindful of your opponent's safety.

I hope you enjoy this bjj instructional video and learn a lot from it.

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