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Improve your grappling/MMA/self defense with these digital instructional courses. For every purchase, I will earn a small commission that can help me maintaining this blog and adding new features. Thank you for your support.

Ground Control Program

A strength training program from American Top Team strength and conditioning coach Phil Daru. This program is specifically designed for grapplers and brazilian jiu jitsu competitors to gain a competitive edge. This is the same program followed by five-time BJJ world champion Gezary Matuda and other world class grapplers.

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How To Beat The Big Guy

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu self defense instructional from Fernando Salvador, a 3rd degree black belt under Pedro Sauer and a former world champion. At 5ft 3 and about 120 lbs, Fernando is in the perfect position to help the smaller person overcome the odds against bigger opponents. He has been doing that his entire career. It is this simple – he KNOWS EXACTLY what will work for you and your loved ones, when it really matters.

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Renegade Mindset For Fighters

Discover the Secret to crippling your opponent’s focus with a glance, Hannibal Lecter-Style, calm in fights and the underground techniques for triggering match-dominating aggression at will.

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Judo Takedowns For BJJ

With these techniques from Olympian judoka Matt D'Aquino, you will take down more people in BJJ competition than ever before and instantly gain an edge over any guy in your weight division. This instructionals are specifically made for BJJ competitors who are sick and tired of not being able to take people down.

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Kettlebells For Grapplers

Increase your overall power and explosiveness, develop brute strength and become a fighting cardio machine using the workouts in Matt D'Aquino's Kettlebells for Grapplers. With these workouts in your hand you will become one of the fittest and strongest grapplers in the gym.

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