Let's talk about street fighting boasts - those exaggerated tales of bar brawls and alleyway showdowns that some people love to brag about.

Ah, yes, the classic "I'm a street fighting legend" or the "I see red when shit goes down" claim.

If you're a trained BJJ or MMA practitioner, you've undoubtedly come across this character before.

You can't help but chuckle (or cringe) as they regale you with their exaggerated stories.

And oh, the dreaded "trial class" challenge, where they want to put their "street fighting skills" to the test against our techniques.

Well, in this blog post, I'll give you a sneak peek into why us BJJ and MMA practitioners simply can't take these "street fighters" seriously.

Street fighting legends square off.

"All I see is red, dude...."

It's time to set the record straight.

Let's start with the notion that one can become a skilled fighter just by scrapping it out in the streets.


If that were true, we'd have a whole generation of street fighting prodigies sitting on the top of every MMA promotions or combat sports championships.

But no, the reality is quite different.

As BJJ and MMA practitioners, we know that mastering the art of combat takes more than just throwing haymakers or acting like a moron on crack on the streets.

It requires discipline, technique, and proper training.

We spend hours perfecting our moves, drilling, and sparring with skilled partners under the guidance of experienced and certified instructors.

Fighting is scientific.

It's a far cry from wild street brawls where chaos reigns supreme.

Sure, street fights can be unpredictable, and occasionally people do defend themselves successfully.

But let's not confuse it with trained martial arts techniques.

Legitimate martial arts training is where the real deal is.

Next time you claim to be a street fighting legend, we might just nod politely, but deep down, we know the truth.

Why Self-Proclaimed Street Fighting Legends Should Not “Test” Their Techniques On BJJ/MMA Practitioners

Do not come to a legitimate martial arts gym to challenge other people and test your street fighting skills.

Do not come to a legitimate martial arts gym to challenge other people and test your street fighting skills.

Oh, where do I begin? Let me break it down for you....

Self-proclaimed street fighting legends, here's why you should think twice (or even more) before attempting to "test" your techniques against BJJ/MMA practitioners:

Reason #1: Watching action films or playing fighting games does not make you a fighter

Sorry to burst your bubble, but those fighting skills you think you've acquired from action films or fighting games won't magically translate into real-life situations.

It's not as simple as pressing buttons or mimicking moves you saw in a movie.

While you've been sitting on your ass, indulging in virtual combat, BJJ/MMA practitioners have been sweating it out on the mats, honing their skills in the real world.

They've spent years perfecting their craft through hard work, dedication, and rigorous training, while you've been sitting in front of a screen, living in a fantasy world.

Reason #2: Unlike you, trained fighters fight each other every day

All these self-proclaimed "street fighting" legends must have missed the memo that real fights don't happen every day, unless you're living in an action movie.

Let's face it, most people on this planet have never thrown a punch or taken one in the face in their entire lives.

They've never experienced the adrenaline rush, the physical demands, and the mental challenges that come with real combat.

But hey, let's compare that to a trained BJJ/MMA fighter who's busy putting in the work day in and day out.

They're sparring, grappling, and pushing their limits, sometimes even multiple times a day.

They're gaining real fight experience, learning from each encounter, and constantly improving their skills.

In fact, a newbie at a BJJ/MMA gym will have more real fight experiences in their first week than most people in the world will have in a lifetime.

It's like comparing a kid with a toy sword to a seasoned warrior with battle scars.

So, when a self-proclaimed street fighting legend believes they can take on trained fighters, it's beyond my comprehension.

Maybe they think they can throw out a few punches they learned from a YouTube tutorial and suddenly become invincible.

Or perhaps they believe their street smarts can outwit years of training, discipline, and technique.

Well, good luck with that, buddy.

Reason #3: We got moves you have never seen

We've got an entire arsenal of submissions, chokes, joint locks, and ground techniques that would make your head spin.

While you're throwing wild haymakers, we're smoothly transitioning from one move to another, strategically positioning ourselves, and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

But hey, don't worry, we won't judge you for your bar brawl bravado.

We'll just be here, patiently waiting to demonstrate our well-honed skills when you decide to put your street fighting to the test against us.

The typical scenario when a “street fighter” challenged a trained fighters for a fight

A typical street fight.

When a self-proclaimed street fighting legend decides to test their skills against trained BJJ/MMA fighters, things can quickly go south for them. Here's a likely scenario:


The self-proclaimed street fighting legend walks in with a swagger, boasting about their brawl victories and underestimating their opponents.

They may even try to intimidate their opponents with their tough guy attitude.

They always say "they see red" regardless of the context.

Reality check

The trained BJJ/MMA fighters remain calm and composed, using their years of training and technique to quickly dismantle the street fighter's unrefined and wild attacks.

The street fighter realizes that their street fighting antics are no match for the precision and skill of their trained opponents.

The realization often comes when they got hit with a punch in the face.

Even the softest touch to their face will trigger them to panic and breathe uncontrollably because they have never been hit for real in their life.

Hellish ground domination

If the street fighter ends up on the ground, which is often the case in real fights, they quickly realize they are out of their element.

The BJJ/MMA fighters use their ground game expertise to control and submit the street fighter, leaving them helpless and humiliated.

In most cases, even a submission is not required.

A simple top mount or side control is enough to make untrained "street fighting" legends to run out of oxygen and beg for mercy.


Self-proclaimed street fighting legends often lack the stamina and endurance of trained fighters.

They quickly tire out from their wild, uncontrolled attacks, while the trained fighters remain composed and calculated.

Humiliation and excuses

In the end, the self-proclaimed street fighting legend is likely to suffer a humiliating defeat, realizing that their street cred means jack shit against real fighters.

They may leave with bruised ego and pain all over their body.

The self-proclaimed street fighter may leave the mat with a bruised ego and a body that's sore all over.

But instead of learning from their defeat, they often resort to making excuses.

They'll claim they were holding back because their techniques were "too deadly" to be used, or they'll spin elaborate tales about how they could have won if only they weren't "holding back."

It's truly baffling how some self-taught street fighters refuse to acknowledge their defeat and continue to cling to their inflated ego.

To wrap it up....

To all the self-proclaimed street fighting legends out there, it's time to put your ego aside and face the truth.

Proper training and experience are invaluable in the world of fighting, and there's no substitute for the dedication, discipline, and technique that BJJ/MMA practitioners bring to the table.

So, before you boast about your street fighting prowess, think twice and save yourself the embarrassment of a humiliating defeat at the hands of trained fighters.

Leave the street fighting fantasies to the movies and video games, and let the real fighters show you what it takes to fight.

If you really want to learn how to fight, then come to a martial arts gym to learn not to challenge people.

Train to improve, not to prove.

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