If you're looking to improve your BJJ game, then you need to check out Submission Hunting from world champion Fellipe Andrew.

In this instructional, Fellipe takes you through all of the techniques that have made him one of the best submission grapplers in the world.

The lessons are easy to follow and will help you make huge strides in your grappling game. If you're serious about becoming a better BJJ practitioner, then this is a DVD that you need to own!

Fellipe Andrew is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt who has competed in the sport/martial art on an international level for a number of years. He is known for his achievements while representing the Zenith JJ academy.

Fellipe has made a name for himself while competing in the lower belt divisions of BJJ through his aggressive submission oriented grappling style. He has also achieved many successes, including a second-place at the Copa Podio Grand Prix (black/brown belt mixed class) and IBJJF World and Pan American titles.

In 2020, Andrew joined the Alliance Jiu Jitsu affiliation. This was also the year when Fellipe shook the world by submitting the great Keenan Cornelius via an armbar triangle during the European Open championship.

What you will get in Fellipe’s Submission Hunting instructional

In Fellipe's Submission Hunting instructional, there is a lot of information. It is divided into 3 parts which are around 2 hours in length.

The first two parts are mainly about Fellipe's aggressive style when he is playing guard and the last one is all about attacks from the top, particularly the side control position.

Read more about each part below.

Part #1: How to play aggressively from the 50/50 guard

In the first part, Fellipe shows that the 50/50 guard can be used aggressively too in the gi and not just for stalling. By using good timing and technique, you can surprise your opponent with an effective submission attempt.

Fellipe's innovative instruction about the 50/50 guard means that there are new possibilities to use the guard to attack the opponent, particularly with IBJJF-legal foot locks.

Fellipe teaches how to use different types of grips on the opponent's foot.

Some of the techniques that Fellipe teaches to attack the foot from the 50/50 are very unique and innovative. One of which is by manipulating the lapel to counter opponent's defense.

Fellipe also teaches you how to finish the foot lock from the 50/50 guard when your opponent reacts differently to defend.

More importantly, Fellipe also teaches how to enter the 50/50 guard from different situations.

Entering the guard is very important because all of the foot lock attacks will be useless if you do not know how to put your opponent in the 50/50, which is one of the most difficult guards to get based on my own experience.

And finally, the last sections of this first part is dedicated on how to get the foot lock from the top.

This is very useful information that you can use when you have a very tough guard player as an opponent or you are down in points that you need to finish the match immediately using a foot attack from the top.

Part #2: Triangles and triangle-based combo attacks from guard

In the second part, Fellipe teaches a lot of triangle attacks from the most common types of guards, such as the closed guard, the half guard and the open guard.

The coolest part of this section is that Fellipe shows some follow up offensive moves that you can do when your opponent defends with the triangle.

My favorite one is the footlock attack when the triangle is defended because I have never seen this one before. In addition, this combo attacks the top and the bottom part of your opponent's body simultaneously, which is always a cool thing when you can put your opponents in a dilemma on which attack they must defend.

Basically, Fellipe shows how to use the triangle as not just an attack but another type of guard that you can use to transition to hunt for other submissions.

Part #3: Side control attacks

The final part of the instructional is the shortest one with only around 12 minutes of content or so. In this part, Fellipe shares some of his favorite attacks from side control and the combination of them all to put his opponents in a loop of defensive dilemmas.

I kind of expected a longer content in the third part but perhaps Fellipe plans to release a more top-oriented instructional some times in the future. The top attacks he teaches here is more like a preview of what he might have to offer future instructional releases.

So, should you buy Fellipe’s Submission Hunting?

I always review a new instructional within a couple of weeks or a month after I purchased it because I always need time to drill and use the techniques in real life sparring as shown in the video below when I executed a submission I learned from the Submission Hunting instructional.

I purchased Submission Hunting about a month ago and I can definitely say that the technique works in real life sparring, which is the most important factor to consider when you want to buy a BJJ instructional.

While some of the techniques taught here might seem advanced, I find that they basically consist of only around two to three basic move combinations that most white belts learn within the first 6 months of training.

With that being said, I think that this instructional is also suitable for beginners and also for different types of practitioners regardless of their body type, strength and flexibility.

Being a fan of the leg lock game, I also find this instructional a perfect complementary for Mikey Musumeci's Death from Below.

Fellipe's Submission Hunting covers a lot of topics that are missing from Mikey's Death from Below, particularly on the leg entanglement entries and follow up attacks on the foot locks.

To wrap it up....

If you're in the market for a BJJ instructional that will take your game to the next level, I cannot recommend Submission Hunting highly enough.

Fellipe Andrew is a world-class competitor and his passion for teaching the sport shines through in this instructional. Not only will you learn some incredibly effective techniques, but you'll also gain an understanding of why they work.

And if you use my special link below to purchase it, you'll get $20 off the regular price! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of Submission Hunting today and start dominating on the mat.

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