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First of all, let me introduce myself.

My name is Hans David. I work professionally as a journalist and as of now, I am in charge of leading a team of digital and social media engagement team.

As a side hustle, I have also been involved in affiliate marketing since 2014. Affiliate marketing is a way where you can make money online by connecting product vendors and their customers.

My favorite affiliate marketing strategy is by incorporating email marketing. This strategy works not only for affiliate marketing but also other types of online businesses.

If you are thinking about making money online as a side hustle, my e-book is perfect for you. Inside you will learn how to use emails to sell your products and services to potential prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

My e-book is now on its way into your inbox. So, make sure to check your email now. For Gmail users; make sure to check your promotion tab if my e-book does not arrive within the next 10 minutes after you register. Also add my email: hanshebat(at) to make sure future deliveries will get into your primary inbox.

I will not barrage you with spams and I promise to deliver valuable information about digital marketing at least once a week.

To your success,
Hans David

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