One of the most important components in an affiliate marketing campaign is how many people are subscribed to your mailing list.

The Udimi solo ad marketplace can help you build your email list for affiliate marketing.

This blog post will show you how easy it is to get started with Udimi and how they can be used as a powerful tool in your business.

Solo ads work by having your email sent to a pre-existing list of subscribers or by purchasing clicks on your email.

Your email message will be sent to a certain number of subscribers or you will purchase a certain number of clicks.

If everything goes as planned, those subscribers will click, and those clicks will result in conversions.

As a result, solo ad conversions will be less expensive than other types of advertising.

Solo ads seem like a great way to grow your online business and make money from other people's email lists.

However, solo ads can also be a challenge and you will burn your money fast if you do not know how to use them. I'll explain why later on.

With that being said, there are many affiliate marketers who say they owe their business to solo ads. So, it’s worth your time to at least know how they work.

Where to find solo ad vendors

Buy solo ads - Udimi

There are several places you can look for solo ad vendors and each place has different advantages and disadvantages depending on your niche, audience, product or service to offer as well as personal preference.

Here is a list of potential places where sellers may be found:

The Warrior Forum

This is a big internet marketing forum in which solo ad sellers usually offer their services in the classified ads sub-forum.

In the Warrior Special Offer sub-forum you might also find sellers who give discount on their services.

If you are purchasing solo ads using this method please note that it means you will be purchasing from the seller directly without any third party mediation or arbitration.

This means that if a seller turns out to be a scammer or does not deliver, then there is no possibility for you to get a refund.

Most of the solo ad sellers in the Warrior Forum are in the make money online niche.

So, if you are looking to promote products outside this niche, then the Warrior Forum is not a suitable place for you to look for solo ad opportunities.

Facebook groups

You can also find solo ad groups in Facebook by searching for them in the Facebook search box.

This is slightly a safer option than the Warrior Forum because the groups have members who give out reviews on sellers.

There is still a risk of being scammed though because some groups are basically a cartel consisting of members who know each other and give each other positive reviews to increase their sales as a collective unit.

Solo ad marketplace

This is the most recommended place to look for solo ad sellers because you will not be scammed due to the arbitration and peer review system provided by the marketplace.

With the system, if a seller fails to deliver the clicks to your offer, you will be refunded immediately.

Credible solo ad marketplaces also provide a tracker to help you track your links and clicks from each solo ad that you purchase.

There are numerous solo ad marketplaces and the most popular one is Udimi.

There are hundreds of solo ad sellers in Udimi and they can provide advertisements in the top niches like health, personal development, internet marketing and crypto.

Udimi comes with free and paid membership (called as Prime).

In the free membership, you can purchase solo ads from any vendor whenever you want.

The Prime membership offers extra features, such as the Prime filter to eliminate fake and useless clicks and profile view stats among others.

Personally, I suggest you to go with the free Udimi membership if you only want to purchase solo ads.

However, if you also want to sell solo ads, you might want to be a paid member because you will receive a Prime badge that makes you look more trustworthy and professional in front of the potential buyers.

What to prepare before buying solo ads from Udimi

Before you start purchasing solo ads from Udimi, what you need to do is to set up a proper sales funnel.

You can read more about how to create a sales funnel in details here.

To make things short, what you basically need to have:

An optin page

Your promoted link should be directed to an optin page where you can collect email addresses so you can build your email list and follow up with your subscribers to make sales.

You can use either OptimizePress or Getresponse to set up an optin page easily and quickly.


A bridge/thank you page

Once a visitor enters his email information, your sales funnel will bring him to a bridge page or a thank you page.

This is the page where you can put your free gift download access, affiliate product information and purchase link.

On average, you can get a sale or two sales between 20 and 50 new subscribers. This is where you will recoup some of your initial investment in solo ads.

An autoresponder

You will need this tool to follow up with subscribers who do not buy right away after they optin.

Using an autoresponder, you can set up an automatic sequential emails that will promote your affiliate product to your subscribers until they decide to buy.

I recommend the Getresponse autoresponder, which I also personally use.

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)

A tracker

While Udimi provides its own tracker to track clicks, you must also have your own tracker to make sure that the data are accurate.

I use Clickmagick to track my links and clicks on my solo ad purchases.

How to buy solo ads on Udimi

Once you have registered for a free account, you will arrive in your Udimi dashboard that looks like this:

Each section is pretty much self explanatory. You can see the top seller, the newest seller and your solo ad purchase stats in the home section of the dashboard.

To start buying solo ads, you want to go to "Find Sellers" and you will see this section:

There are several important information here that you need to understand in order to look for sellers.

First, on the top section, you can fine tune your seller search by determining several criteria.

Price (max) means the amount of money you are willing to spend for a single click.

Then in Niche, you can determine the niche that suits your offer. In Udimi, you can target the marketing, finance, health, mobile, social and crypto niche.

In Got Sales, you can determine the percentage of front-end sales that the solo ad seller immediately makes in the last 100 orders that they serve.

The Got sales percentage is based on the reviews of their buyers and you want to go with sellers that have at least 40% rating.

In the example above, a seller named Lia Malassa offers a rate of 60 cents per click and she has recorded 54% of sales in her last 100 mailings to her list.

Udimi solo ad video tutorial

Here is a more comprehensive video tutorial on how you can purchase solo ad from Udimi:

A deeper look into Udimi's Got sales rating

While having a big Got sales percentage should be one of your main considerations in purchasing a solo ad, you might want to look even deeper to make sure you make the best out of your investment.

Again, the sales percentage is based on the last 100 orders. A sale generated from 100 clicks of purchase and the one come from 1,000 clicks are considered equal.

In other words, you also want to look whether the seller can generate sales with the least amount of clicks.

To do this click on a seller and scroll down to see the reviews. In this example, I am using Lia again and as of the time of writing, this is the reviews of her service:

As you can see, some of her buyers manage to get a sale with only 100 clicks. So, this solo ad seller is perfect for you to test your offer with a small amount of clicks first before scaling up.

Purchasing your solo ad

Once you have found a suitable seller, you can start purchasing solo ad clicks right on their profile page.

In Lia's profile page, you will see this section where you can determine your solo ad order details:

In the purchase section, you can determine the number of clicks you want to purchase.

And then, you can also choose to use prime filter, top tier countries only targeting and mobile only targeting.

You then need to inform your seller you landing page link and the period to start sending your promotion.

After you are satisfied with everything, you can pay by Paypal or credit card.

Make sure that your optin page and funnel function properly because the solo ad seller is not responsible for the functionality of your sales funnel.

Additional tips before you buy your first solo ad

If not done properly, purchasing solo ads can be a waste of time and money.

To make the best out of your solo ad campaigns, here are some additional tips:

Communicate with your seller

Udimi comes with a private messaging feature which allows you to communicate directly with your seller.

Ask them anything about their list.

You can ask on how they build their list, what affiliate offers convert best and some sellers will even review your sales funnel.

A good seller is always easy to communicate with.

Mail aggressively to your new subscribers from solo ad

Once you have gotten new subscribers, you need to promote hard and often to them.

The reason is because your new subscribers are cold prospects who come from other people's mailing list. In this case, your seller mailing list.

These new subscribers are not people who come into your blog, read your articles, get to know you and then subscribe.

The new subscribers are most likely have also subscribed to hundreds of other marketers' email list and therefore, you really need to play the numbers game.

Mailing your new subscribers once a day will not be enough if you get them from solo ads.

You need to mail them at least six times a day for about two weeks. This is why you need an autoresponder to automate this kind of promotion for you.

Use single optin rather than double optin

With solo ad, you want to focus on quantity first and then quality.

Using a single optin might reduce your subscribers' quality because people can always sign up using fake emails or alternative emails that they rarely open.

Nevertheless, the main goal here first is to get as many subscribers first to your email list.

Later on, you can always clean up your list from non-openers and fake email addresses.

To wrap it up....

With Udimi, you can skip the tedious process of building your email list and start buying solo ads right away. You will be amazed at how quickly you see results.

Whether it’s more clicks on your affiliate offer or new subscriptions to one of your mailing lists, I know for sure that buying solo ads from Udimi is something you should be testing as an affiliate marketer.

Buy solo ads - Udimi

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